Dec 26, 2020

Scratch This Off Of Your Christmas Shopping List

While December 26th may be Boxing Day to in the UK, it was "Cash-In-Your-Winning-Tickets-At-The-Gas-Station-Day" in our house when I was growing up.  Every card given out by my dad or grandparents during the holiday season came with at least one Christmas scratch-off ticket from the Pennsylvania Lottery.  However, if you were getting a card from my grandfather, there's a chance you might be getting a Happy Birthday ticket - because it's Jesus' birthday.

These sample tickets came in a pack that I bought in eBay back in August.  Don't ask me what I'm going to do with them because I have no idea.  The most reasonable explanation I can come up with is that if I hit Powerball someday and open an 80's themed roadside diner, I can put these on display to add a little ambiance.  And when that's your justification for buying something on eBay, you know you've made a pretty silly purchase.

Holiday Cash - Pennsylvania Lottery (1989)
Holiday Cash - Pennsylvania Lottery (1990)
Stocking Stuffer - Pennsylvania Lottery (1991)