Feb 19, 2021

The Echelon Mall

Echelon Mall
Voorhees, NJ (1970)
The lamp posts, plants and fountains surrounded by clean tile and brick gave the Echelon Mall a peaceful vibe that you don't see very often anymore.  It's a shame that so many of these have been demolished when the retail outlets closed.  Imagine how awesome it could have been if they remodeled the stores into luxury apartments and condos.  The center of the mall with the fountains and benches could have been used as an open indoor town square where residents of the mall apartments and folks from the area could meet friends and neighbors, host events, take a walk or just have a pleasant place to read a book and relax.  It could also have supported a few businesses that would suit a neighborhood setting, like a day care center, pizza parlor, coffee shop, post office, drugstore, or even a public library.

Instead, most of these malls have either been torn down or remodeled out of their charm, and this once common slice of life exists today only on old, forgotten postcards.