Mar 20, 2021

More Than Meets The Eye

Danville Otterbots
Appalachian League (2021)
Since 1993, the city of Danville, Virginia has been represented in the Appalachian League by the Danville Braves rookie ballclub.  This year, the league is being reorganized as a collegiate summer baseball league, and the franchise has undergone a very awesome team rebranding: the Danville Otterbots.

The Princeton, West Virginia team was called the Princeton Rays up to this point, and they have yet to rename themselves.  I'm holding out hope that they use DeceptiCondors and start a Transformers-themed rivalry.

UPDATE (3/23): It was announced on March 23rd that former Phillies shortstop Desi Relaford was named the manager of the team in 2021.  This makes me extremely happy, as it gives me an excuse to add an Otterbots baseball card to my Phillies collection.  Congrats, Desi!