Mar 29, 2021

Dad-a-chum? Ded-a-chek?

Priano Lobster Ravioli
Aldi (2021)
I didn't imagine that my 40's would be a nonstop party, but I also didn't think that my first year would be spent sheltered from a global pandemic.  After I get vaccinated, maybe there will be a bit more than groceries to write about.  As it stands, about 90% of the time I have left the house over the past twelve months have been either to go food shopping or to walk the dog, so photo opportunities have been somewhat limited.

These ravioli really are worth the bandwidth though.  They were very tasty, and while I don't remember exactly how much I paid for them, I know they were very inexpensive - maybe three bucks, give or take.

I did have to laugh at the serving suggestion on the package.  Apparently, their advice is that I skip the ravioli altogether and have a lobster tail with a side of cheese instead.  Come on, Priano.  Have a little faith in your little ravioli.  They're pretty good!

PS: Bonus points to anyone who understood the reference in the title of this post.  Kudos for your good taste in literature.  Long days and pleasant nights.