May 2, 2021

Here We Are Hanging On A String Of Almonds And Marshmallows

Sloth & Chunk's Rocky Rooooaad

Serendipity Ice Cream (2021)
A series of ice cream flavors with classic movies and television show themes is being released by Serendipity this Spring.  These include flavors and packaging inspired by Friends, Caddyshack, A Christmas Story, and the one that I'm looking forward to the most - The Goonies.  Maybe if it's successful, they'll introduce Super Duper Chocolate Eruption as a follow-up.

It took a little bit of searching, but I finally managed to track down a carton at Giant in Hazleton.  This store always has a pretty good selection of ice cream.  There were about ten different flavors of Serendipity.  They didn't have Caddyshack or A Christmas Story, but there was plenty of Friends and Goonies ice cream to be had.

This is the first time I ever had Serendipity and I've got to hand it to them - they make a pretty damn good ice cream.  Their Rocky Road ice cream is made from the original William Dreyer recipe: chunks of whole marshmallows (not marshmallow creme) with large almond slivers and a rich chocolate ice cream that reminded me of Ben & Jerry's.  Even if it wasn't co-branded with my favorite kids movie from the 80's, this ice cream can go toe to toe with any other chocolate based ice cream available on the market today.