May 11, 2021

Pennsylvania Poultry

Steve's Chicken Stand
Hometown Farmer's Market - Tamaqua, PA
There aren't many places that I've found that sell tastier chicken than this stand at the Hometown Farmer's Market.  You can smell the food here a mile away, and if you can resist it, you've got more willpower than I have.

They were doing a "buy one, get one free" deal the last time I was there, so we got two good sized chickens for around eight bucks.

They're a lot bigger on your dinner plate than they look in the display case, and they're absolutely delicious.  You can't go wrong with a roasted barbecue chicken and baked potatoes for dinner.

However, I did have to take a pass on the grilled veggies.  I'm no culinary expert, but I do believe that old Steve has gone ahead and included a few chicken wings in here.  Perhaps I'm wrong and the vegetables have cleverly disguised themselves as chicken wings as a way to sneak onto my dinner plate.