Sep 11, 2021

Tell Me Doctor, Where Are We Going This Time

Back To The Future Trilogy
Mahoning Drive-In - Lehighton, PA
This awesome poster was created by Max Gagnon to help promote one of the most awesome nights at the Mahoning Drive-In that I've been lucky enough to experience.  There are few things in life that are as much fun to me as the Back To The Future movies, and few places in this world where I feel more at home and at peace than the Mahoning Drive-In.  The combination of the two is mind blowing.

The sun's starting to set a lot earlier as we get closer to fall, so the show started at 8:00.

The folks from Troy City Time Machine were there with a DeLorean that was fully tricked out to look like Doc Brown's time machine.  They had a table set up with merchandise available for sale, and for $15, you could sit behind the wheel and take as many photos as you wanted.  That's more than a fair price for such an awesome photo op, so my little buddy and I made the most of it.

If I had known that the DeLorean Time Machine at the drive-in would be this incredible, I would have shaved.  When they first announced that they were going to have one on the lot, I wasn't sure if I was going to get a picture with it.  It's not that I didn't think it was cool, but I already had a photo taken inside a replica Back To The Future DeLorean.  We saw it at the Louis Tussaud Wax Museum in Ontario back in 2013, but that car wasn't half as cool as this one from Troy City Time Machine.  Also, it's easy to support folks who are this cool and dedicated to what they do.  They let me bring Little Harvey into the car so that he could be Einstein in my photos.  They even took a few pics of Harvey in the car for themselves!

Seriously, you have to see this thing in person.  This is one of the most thorough and well made replicas I have ever seen.  Check this out:

I looked back at the photos from the one that we saw eight years ago and it's not even close.  No disrespect intended to the folks who set up the wax museum, but this one blows it completely out of the water!

It even lights up at night!

There were also a lot of other movie props on the lot.  The top three photos here are from Troy City Time Machine, but the bottle of Pepsi Perfect, the USA Today from 2015 and Gray's Sports Almanac were brought by other folks.  I wanted to bring my copy of Wild Gunman on the NES and set up a little shooting game next to a picture of Frodo Baggins, but I couldn't find the cartridge.

Little Harvey had a great time at the drive-in.  He had his picture taken in the DeLorean.  He got lots of love and attention from everyone who he met.  He got to meet some other puppies, and he even got to play an impromptu soccer game with a little boy who turned out to be Virgil's son.

The special food at the concession stand this weekend are the Great Scott Tater Tots, which are made with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.  We also had some fries and chicken nuggets, which Harvey got to share.

Showtime was just a few minutes after 8:00 pm when the sun went down.

As always, seeing these classics on their original 35mm prints projected onto a big screen under the stars at the drive-in is an experience that is second to none.  I can't begin to explain how much this place means to me.