Jan 5, 2022

Leggo My Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts: Eggo Frosted Maple
Kellogg's (2021)
I'd love to have had the opportunity to sit in on the meeting where someone proposed the idea to make a buttered waffle with maple syrup flavored Pop Tart.  It makes me wonder what else they could cook up if they thought it would sell.  Would it be possible to make a bacon cheeseburger or beef and cheese burrito Pop Tarts?  Why not?  The shell is a starch that could be made to taste like a hamburger bun or a taco shell, and there are enough flavorings out there to make a filling that could simulate just about anything.  Granted, you'd never take a bite of one and think that it's exactly the same, just as these don't taste exactly the same as a plate of Eggo Waffles, but I'm sure they could get it close enough that you'd know what flavor they were going for.

The Pop Tart itself isn't the most visually appealing toaster pastry in the world.  They have an off-putting yellow hue, and the frosting looks as if someone squirted mustard onto the top.  They do taste pretty good though.  I bought these late last year, and I kind of regret it if I'm being honest, but not because they aren't good.  I really need to focus on getting back down to a healthy weight, but I'll write more about that later.