Jan 12, 2022

Fluorescent Lemonade

Mountain Dew Spark
PepsiCo (2021)
I've been doing pretty well on my diet this year so far, so I had every intention of passing on the opportunity to try the new Raspberry Lemonade flavored Mountain Dew, but then I found a Zero Sugar bottle.  I said that I'd allow myself an occasional diet soda, and I nursed this one bottle over two days, so I'm still doing well with the weight loss plan.

See... no calories... and check out that funky label!  The combination of of pink and yellow on black reminds me of the dayglo colors that seemed to be on everything in the late 80's.  The soda itself was very good too.  I'm sure the sugar version is better, and it's the kind of soda that's more suited to a warm summer day than being buried under a January blizzard, but if you like carbonated lemonade, I'm sure that you'll enjoy it.