Feb 27, 2022

Filipino Tortellini

Here's something you don't see in Northeast PA every day.

There's a little grocery store in the main building at the Hometown Farmers Market that stock a lot of products that aren't typically found in stores in our area.  One such item that I never expected to see and didn't know existed is a bag of Del Monte Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce.  What the hell... for a buck, I had to find out what this tastes like, and for another buck, I get to scrub the pot with the Mona Lisa when I'm done.  Can't beat that deal!

We decided to try it out on cheese tortellini and meatballs, and it wasn't too bad.  The texture was more like A-1 Steak Sauce than the spaghetti sauces that I'm used to, and the flavor tasted like a combination of pasta sauce and a sweet barbecue sauce.  It's not going to to replace Ragu in my cupboard any time soon, but I'm glad we got to give it a shot.