Mar 8, 2022

The Most Important Nuggets Of The Day

Breakfast Nuggets
Jimmy Dean (2022)
If you walk down the freezer aisles of any grocery store, you might notice that are more foods that have been turned into nuggets than there ever used to be.  In the past few months alone, I've seen chicken, turkey, fish, lasagna, mac and cheese, corn, and many other meatless and/or cheese and pepper enhanced versions.  The most recent of these that I've tried is Jimmy Dean's Breakfast Nuggets, which are stuffed with chicken sausage, eggs and cheese.

They're not bad as a snack, and they might make a fun inclusion in a Nugget Night where you pop a bunch of various types of nuggets in an air fryer to make each bite of your dinner a mystery, but I'm not sure that they're worth buying on a regular basis.  A 12 oz bag cost almost $7 at my local Wal-Mart.  For seven bucks, I could make a ton of fried eggs with cheese and breakfast sausage patties.  I could see these costing this much at a fast food restaurant because you're paying for the convenience of being able to pick 'em up at the drive thru and eat them in the car, but as a grocery store item that sits in your freezer, they're overpriced by at least two bucks.