Mar 28, 2022

Not A Prince Or A King

I usually don't care too much about the Oscars, or any other awards show for that matter, but you have to sit up and pay attention when the Fresh Prince assaults The 13th Apostle on live tv.  I honestly feel bad for both of them.  Whether you think the GI Jane joke was in poor taste or not, Will Smith heard Chris Rock tell it during rehearsal.  If he was offended by it in any way, he had ample opportunity to speak with Mr. Rock, like a man, and ask him not to do the joke.  Frankly, I don't believe Mr. Smith was personally offended at all.  To the contrary, he is shown on camera laughing at the line during the live broadcast, until he looked over at the expression on his wife's face.

Congrats on the award for King RichardMr. Smith, but if that's the kind of childish nonsense that you felt necessary to lower yourself to, I feel very sorry for you.  Last night should have been a moment that honored your wonderful career as an entertainer.  Instead, it is a meme.