May 9, 2022

Duck Season

Kwik Shoppe Drive In
Route 61 - Shoemakersville, PA
We've passed by this place on the way to and from every Reading Phillies game and I've always wanted to stop.  I was finally able to check this place out on Saturday when we were on the way to see How Rednecks Saved Hollywood.

According to their website, the Kwik Shoppe Drive In opened in 1971, and I'm assuming that their glorious neon sign has been proudly standing out front for the past 50+ years to lure people off of Route 61 to stop for a hot dog and a soda.

The inside of the restaurant is simple and charming.  It reminded me of the Mister Donut in Hazleton that I used to go to when I was a kid.

There's an entire section of the menu dedicated to duck.  All of it is very reasonably priced, so I decided to try the Duck Burger and Duck Fries.  Not gonna lie - the duck burger was kind of disappointing.  It didn't taste bad or anything, but there wasn't much to it.  The Loaded Duck Fries were pretty damn good though.  I definitely want to come back, but I'm going to go for the Coney Island Hot Dogs and pierogies next time.

Last, but not least, we each had an ice cream sundae cup.  That's a banana split on the left and a strawberry sundae on the right.  They have a soft serve machine and can make just about anything you want, but I saw a bunch of these cups lined up in the freezer and couldn't resist trying it.  Both sundaes were loaded with fruit and definitely worth the money, but I think I'm going to try a milkshake next time we stop by.