Sep 16, 2022

Voo Dew 4 You

Voo Dew 4
Mountain Dew (2022)
The annual tradition of Mountain Dew Voo Doo mystery flavors is continuing for its fourth consecutive year.  If they keep this up for another two years, they'll be able to release a six pack with each version of the flavor.  Here's a quick recap of the earlier incarnations of Voo Dew, with my opinion of what each of them tasted like:
And now...

Before I talk about the flavor, have a look at this incredible label.  The regular one is trimmed in Halloween orange and purple with the Zero Sugar version has a black and purple background.  Both labels feature gravestones to represent the previous Voo Dew flavors and have question marks hiding in the cemetery fence and in the grim reaper's cloak.  I guess the number 4 is supposed to be a fist ring worn by the reaper.

This year's Voo Doo tastes sort of like a raspberry lemonade mixed with grapefruit soda.  It seemed to me to be a lot more tart than the previous ones, but it's pretty tough to compare them against each other with 12 months passing in between each taste test.  I'd still have to say that Voo Dew 2 is my favorite, but this year's version tastes a little better than what I remember from last year.