Oct 25, 2022

Mars Is Green With Envy

Ghoulish Green Snickers
Mars (2022)
The Reese's Franken-Cup was introduced three years ago, and it must have been a hit because it's come back for its third consecutive year this Halloween season.  Their biggest competitor must have caught on to the Halloween + green food coloring = cash formula, because they've joined in with their Ghoulish Green line of products.

Like the Reese's Franken-Cup, the Ghoulish Green Snickers don't have a different flavor from their non-seasonal counterparts, but they have a layer of ecto-green colored nougat hiding inside the chocolate.

Ghoulish Green Twix
Mars (2022)
They've also released a Fun Size Twix with a Ghoulish Green colored cookie.

These also don't taste any differently than the version that you can find in stores all year long, but in both of these cases, that's probably a good thing.  As much as I enjoy trying crazy new flavors of products, I can't imagine that a lime or green apple flavoring would blend well with a Snickers or Twix bar.  If it were up to me to create something, I would have made a Bloody Snickers and Bloody Twix with a deep red cherry filling, because you can never go wrong with a chocolate and cherry combination, but I'm sure that would probably upset the parents groups out there who seem to make it their life's mission to make things less fun for everybody else.