Dec 7, 2022

Battling Venger On The Christmas Tree

Dungeon Master ornament
Kurt S. Adler (2022)
I never really got into playing Dungeons & Dragons, but the animated series from the mid 80's is one of my all-time favorite cartoons.  There were only 27 episodes ever made, but I watched them on Saturday mornings when I was a kid, and I still watch the DVDs today.  The story follows six kids who are transported to another world by a roller coaster at a carnival.  They're met by a short, bald man in a red robe named Dungeon Master who gives them magical weapons and guides them through their adventures in this realm while they search for a way to get back home.

We brought this little guy home from The Little Christmas Shop at the Bloomsburg Fair.  They have a nice selection and we usually end up buying an ornament or two from here every year.  This one might be my new favorite.