Dec 23, 2022

My Blowtorch Set His Wall On Fire... He Sure Gets Mad Easy

Snowball Express
Walt Disney Pictures (1972)
One of my wife's favorite movies from her childhood was released to theaters 50 years ago this week.  It stars Dean Jones, who starred in a ton of Disney live action films of the era, including the Herbie The Love Bug movies.  It co-stars Nancy Olson, who I know best from The Absent-Minded Professor, and also features Harry Morgan, who I will always remember as Officer Bill Gannon from the old Dragnet television series that I used to watch on Nick At Nite when I was a kid.

I had never even heard of Snowball Express before my wife showed it to me for the first time when I was in my late 20's, but it's something that she watched all the time when she was growing up.  Her mother worked at the public library and would bring movies home for her and her brother to watch.  It's a pretty cute movie about a man who inherits an old dying hotel in Colorado which he turns into a ski lodge.  It's just about as wholesome as a kids movie can be.

About ten years ago, we paid a visit to the library where my mother-in-law worked before she passed away.  As luck would have it, they were getting rid of their VHS tapes, and they still had the very same tape that my wife used to watch when she was a kid.  It is now proudly sitting in our collection where it is no doubt being corrupted by my collection of classic horror flicks on the next shelf.