Dec 31, 2022

There Is A Fifth Dimension...

The Twilight Zone Marathon
WPIX Channel 11
Well, it's that time of year again.  Congratulations on getting through another twelve months.  Have fun, stay safe, and if you're a great big nerd like me, you might want to set aside a few hours to lay back and relax with the Twilight Zone marathon.

It's airing on Syfy this year starting at 5:00 am today and will continue through New Years Day and January 2nd.  I watched a few episodes of it at my dad's house earlier today: Passage On The Lady Anne, The Masks, The Mighty Casey and King Nine Will Not Return.  These episodes are from the original black and white series, but they've included a few of the new Jordan Peele episodes in this year's marathon as well.

Here is a complete list of episodes in this year's marathon, courtesy of Den Of Geek.

Saturday, December 31

5:30  The Chaser
6:00  The Bard
11:30  The Shelter

1:00  The Masks
3:00  Dust
7:00  Back There
9:00  Elegy
10:00  Still Valley
10:30  The Jungle
11:30  Nick Of Time

Sunday, January 1

6:30  Static
9:00  Mute
10:30  Mr. Bevis

1:30  The Fear
2:00  Death Ship
3:30  The Dummy
5:00  Night Call
5:30  You Drive
7:30  The Gift
8:00  Meet In The Middle (2020)
9:00  The Wunderkind (2019)
9:57  The Who Of You (2020)
11:00  Living Doll
11:30  Uncle Simon

Monday, January 2

1:00  Twenty-Two
1:30  The Mirror
2:00  The Hunt
10:30  The Fever

4:00  Jess-Belle
10:00  The Grave
11:00  Mirror Image