Feb 28, 2023

The Mystery Continues...

Regal Mystery Movie Monday
Regal Cinema - Hazleton, PA
My local theater has a promotion that they do once in a while called Mystery Movie Monday.  Tickets are $5 (or free with the Regal Unlimited pass) for a movie that's scheduled to screen on Monday night at 7:00 pm, but you don't know what the movie is going to be.  The only thing that you know for sure going in is the movie's rating (this one was PG-13), and it's a movie that hasn't been released yet, so there's no chance that you have seen it before.

Sounds like fun, right?  I thought so too.  Unfortunately, while we were waiting for the start of the show, a staff member came in to tell us that they were unable to show the movie due to technical difficulties.

I'm bummed that we didn't get to see the movie, but the real disappointment would be if they don't get the next Mystery Movie Monday event in Hazleton.  I don't know how the corporate office decides which theaters get to screen these, but we typically don't get any of the special events at my local theater.  They finally had one, and something went wrong, so they'll either have to report that there was a problem with the theater's equipment that prevented it from being shown, or report that the screening had zero ticket sales.  Either way, it doesn't bode well for the next one coming to town.

The other thing that I was bummed out about was the possibility that the Mystery Movie Monday event would be the only screening of whatever was shown (like if it was a movie with a limited theatrical release), but that's not the case.  We found out after we got home that the movie that was supposed to be screened was the upcoming Woody Harrelson basketball comedy Champions.  It isn't scheduled to premier until March 10th, but it's a big budget flick, so it's a pretty safe bet that they'll be showing it at our local theater.  It would have been cool to get a sneak preview, but no biggie.  We'll get to see it soon.