Mar 21, 2023

Let's Try This Again

Regal Mystery Movie Monday
Regal Cinema - Hazleton, PA
We went to Mystery Movie Monday last month, but something went wrong and they weren't able to show it at my local theater.  I'm glad to say that there was no trouble this time around.

The mystery movie was Paint, which stars Owen Wilson as an artist named Carl Nargle who stars in a painting show on PBS.  Picture a demented Bob Ross who seemingly has no understanding of the world around him or any of the people in it, with the exception of Mount Mansfield, which he paints over and over again.  Carl's world begins to fall apart with the appearance of a younger artist named Ambrosia, played by Ciara RenĂ©e, who gets her own PBS show in the timeslot immediately after Carl's show.

This movie reminded me a bit of Napoleon Dynamite, both for the presence of outdated technology in the modern world and in the way that the characters behave and interact with each other.  It makes the city of Burlington, Vermont seems as if it exists in a parallel dimension.  It's a lot weirder of a flick than the trailer makes it out to be, but it works.  I don't know if I'd recommend this to everybody but I thought it was pretty good.  It hits theaters nationwide on April 7th.