Apr 21, 2023

McGriddle In A Cup

Cup Noodles Breakfast
Nissin Foods (2023)
A couple of years ago, Nissin experimented with a Cup Noodle dessert with their limited edition Pumpkin Spice instant ramen noodles.  This spring, they're getting creative once again with a new twist on an old favorite with a maple syrup, pancake, sausage and egg flavored product called Cup Noodles Breakfast.

Instead of the dried vegetables and meat that you'll find in one of their lunch flavors, Cup Noodles Breakfast has pieces of dried sausage and egg, along with a powder that I'm pretty sure contains the pancake and maple syrup flavoring.  It may seem like a weird idea to mix these things with instant noodles, but it's very good.  It's not just better than you're expecting it to be, or pretty good for a weird limited edition flavor... I mean it's actually quite delicious!  It reminds me a lot of a McGriddle breakfast sandwich from McDonald's.

These are being sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.  They're no more expensive than any other Cup Noodles product if you find them in the store, but they're being sold online for ridiculous as much as ten times the retail cost on the secondary market.  I wouldn't recommend paying those crazy prices, but if you see them on the shelf, I'd highly recommend giving them a shot.