Apr 9, 2023

Peep This

Pepsi x Peeps
PepsiCo (2023)
I've always enjoyed it when companies release seasonal or limited edition versions of their products, but there has been a recent trend with these products that really pisses me off.  That trend is when companies come up with something strange, and then make it available only to "influencers" to share on social media, and to a select few consumers who are lucky enough to win a contest after they have sufficiently begged for the product by tweeting, or sharing photos, or by doing whatever other nonsense they come up with for their promotion.

The whole thing is a scam for free advertising.  Companies come up with a bizarre version of their product because they know that the media will report on it and it will go viral on social media.  However, they don't want to take on any of the financial risk of producing and shipping out enough of the product in case it doesn't sell very well.  They just have to make a little bit, and watch the consumers do their work for them.

I'm old school.  If a company makes a product that sounds interesting to me, I'll give them money for it.  If they won't take money for it, I won't waste my time on it, and I won't waste your time by writing about it.

After two years of this product being available only to "influencers" or to the "lucky" winners who do whatever little dance they've asked them to do, PepsiCo has finally decided to grace us with the presence of their Peeps flavored soda on store shelves.  It's pretty good... tastes like a Marshmallow Peep mixed with cola.  It not as tasty as Coca-Cola Move, which is a coconut flavored cola that was shipped out to stores shortly after it was introduced, so if you're only going to get one limited edition soda this spring, make it a Coke.

Happy Easter!