Apr 17, 2023

Brother Seamus... Like An Irish Monk?

The Big Lebowski
Cinemark - Moosic, PA
Two months ago, we saw a Fathom Events screening of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.  Last night, they screened another one of my top four on Letterboxd in celebration of its 25th anniversary.  It's my favorite comedy flick of all time, and its gone on to become a cult classic in the years since it was released and even spawned its own religion.

I got to see The Big Lebowski last summer during Tunnel Vision Tuesday at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater.  Would I go see it on the big screen again less than a year later?  Does the pope shit in the woods?

Prior to the start of the film, they showed a series of facts and trivia questions about the movie.  There was also a filmed introduction by Leonard Maltin, who admitted that he wasn't a huge fan of The Big Lebowski the first time that he saw it, but it's the kind of movie that practically begs you for repeated viewings, and it just pulls you in deeper and deeper every time that you see it.  He's not wrong.  Even if you don't really get what makes this movie special on your first viewing, you will in time, and if you loved it the very first time you saw it, you'll love it even more each time afterward.  I can't explain why this is true, but it is.

I'll go see The Big Lebowski every time that its screening within a reasonable distance.  It's a movie that I will absolutely never get sick of.  Hell, if anybody ever reads this after I drop dead, just go ahead and put my cremated ashes in a Folgers can and bring me to see it one last time.  Just be sure not to open the can in a heavy wind.