May 20, 2023

The Last Drive-In (of May)

The Last Drive In
Shudder (2023)
I was originally planning on going to see the Spin Doctors perform at the Fine Arts Fiesta last night, but it was one of those days that I really needed to not be around a large group of people.  As luck would have it, the mid-season finale of The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs was streaming on Shudder so it was still a fun night.

The first movie was the 1984 slasher The Mutilator (aka: Fall Break), which I had never seen before.  It was screened at the Mahoning last season on Thursday night of Camp Blood, but we weren't able to make it out that night, so I'm glad to have had the opportunity to see it.

The second movie of the night was a 1981 European psychological horror flick called Possession.  I dozed off for most of its runtime, but this is in no way meant to be a dig on the quality of the movie.  It looked very interesting, but I had to wake up early for work on Friday and was up for almost 19 hours by the time this film started.  It's definitely a movie that I'm going to circle back to later this week.

The Last Drive In is now on hiatus until June 23rd.