Aug 19, 2023

Turner Turns The Corner

Trea Turner
Shortstop - Philadelphia Phillies
In tonight's game against the Washington Nationals, Trea Turner became just the third player in the 141 year history of the Philadelphia Phillies to hit two home runs in a single inning.

The only other times that this has happened was on June 2nd, 1949 when Andy Seminick hit two home runs against the Cincinnati Reds in the 8th inning, and on June 11th, 1985 when Von Hayes hit two homers off of the New York Mets in the 1st inning of the Phillies 26-7 route of their rivals.

Turner is the first Phillies player to hit two home runs off of the same pitcher in a single inning (Cory Abbott).  That has only happened six times in the Expansion Era (since 1961), and hasn't happened since August 12, 2008 when David Ortiz hit two homers off of Scott Feldman in the bottom of the 1st in a game between the Red Sox and Rangers.