Aug 20, 2023

The Macho Machine

WWF Macho Machine
ExerScience from NordicTrack (1993)
This commercial was on a VHS tape that was filled with episodes of Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers that were recorded off of The Sci-Fi Channel.  It features "Macho Man" Randy Savage pitching a piece of home gym equipment called the WWF Macho Machine.

The print ad for this machine uses the same gimmick as the commercial: a nerdy guy lays on the beach and gets sand kicked in his face by some jerk.  The nerd orders the WWF Macho Machine, and after just twelve weeks, he's built like Randy Savage and ready to kick the guy's ass.  Your results may vary depending on how many times you snap into a Slim Jim after your workout.

The commercial itself is pure gold, but it refers to two other pieces of media that may be even better.  The first is a booklet called the Workout Program Guide, and the second is a workout video.  Both of these feature Randy Savage, and they were given to customers who ordered the WWF Macho Machine.  I wasn't able to find either of them online, but I'll be keeping an eye out for them and will share them if and when I ever come across 'em.

One of the other commercials in the same block was a preview for the John Goodman movie Matinee.  It ended with the statement that the movie starts tomorrow.  From that, I was able to learn that this tape with the WWF Macho Machine commercial was recorded on January 28th, 1993.