Dec 24, 2023

Sea You Next Year, Matey

Long John Silver's
Edwardsville, PA
My grandmother had a tradition of getting fish from Long John Silver's for our Christmas Eve dinner that goes back as long as I can remember.  I thought that this tradition would come to an end when the one in my hometown closed earlier this year, but we were happy to learn that there's a restaurant in operation about 30 miles away.

Naturally, we ordered way too much.  There were about six boxes in total, so we're going to be eating leftover fish and hush puppies for the rest of 2023.

I couldn't resist scanning the QR code on the lock.  It leads to a part of their website that has a printable coloring page with a crossword puzzle, conversation starters, and jokes such as this gem:

Why don't pirates take showers before they walk the plank? 
Because they'll wash up on shore later!

It doesn't seem like Long John Silver's is doing great as a company, but their food is as tasty as it ever was.  We'll keep this tradition going as long as there's a franchise within a reasonable driving distance.