Jan 30, 2024

We’re All In 7th Grade When It Comes To This...

Anyone But You
Columbia Pictures (2023)
This movie premiered before Christmas, but it didn't make it to my local theater until a couple of weeks ago.  Romantic comedies are kind of hit and miss with me.  I find that a lot of them are filled with tedious sarcasm, lame cookie-cutter jokes, and references to pop culture and current events which gives the entertainment value of the film the same shelf life as a gallon of milk.  I'm very happy to say that this is one of the exceptions to the rule.  It tells a heartfelt story without making you want to puke, and it has a lot of genuinely funny lines and scenes.  The title is a little weird because it makes it seem like the stars are happy to settle for anyone except each other and that's not at all the case for either character, but that's a minor complaint, if it's a complaint at all.  It's a fun flick... I recommend it.