Jan 29, 2024

Nine Innings Of Pinball

Baseball Champ
Chicago Coin Machine Co. (1973)
I'm in the process of converting my baseball into a combination arcade and vintage video game room.  My favorite arcade when I was growing up was Aladdin's Castle, so a lot of the decorations and tchotchkes around the room are from there.  One of the things I found was a black and white 8x10 of a newspaper photo that was taken by Fred Victorin for the St. Petersburg Times.

The game in the photograph is an electromechanical pinball machine from 1973 called Baseball Champ, which has been customized with an Aladdin's Castle sign in the outfield.  There are two dates on the back of the picture: one stamped July 12, 1973 which I'm guessing is the date that the photo was taken.  The other one is an August 19, 1977 stamp on a newspaper clipping of the caption that was used for the photo.  Unfortunately, whatever paper it was published in is not archived by newspapers.com because I couldn't find it.