Jan 26, 2024

I'm Shipping Up To Boston To Find My Yodels Cake

Boston Creme Yodels
Drake's (2024)
The yellow box caught my eye from a distance and I thought at first that these were going to be banana flavored.  I wasn't too disappointed because I've always enjoyed Boston Creme donuts, so I brought a box home.

After trying them, I think I would have preferred it if these were banana cream flavored instead.  It's not that the Boston Creme Yodels are bad.  They're made with golden cake instead of chocolate cake and I suppose the filling is supposed to taste like Boston Creme, but I didn't think that they tasted much different from regular Yodels.  If you blindfolded someone who is familiar with the snack cake and asked them to try it, I doubt that they'd guess that it was supposed to be a different flavor.