Feb 6, 2024

Stop Munching Grape Nuts And Go See This Movie

Regal Mystery Movie Monday
Regal Cinema - Hazleton, PA
We've missed the past few Mystery Movie Monday screenings, but I'm glad that we were able to make it out for this one because we got to see a movie that we were both looking forward to since we saw the trailer for the first time.
Focus Features (2024)
Lisa Frankenstein was written by Diablo Cody and it's the feature-length directorial debut of Zelda Williams (daughter of Robin Williams), and for as insane as it looks in the trailer, this movie is way more twisted than I was expecting.

The story is set in 1989 Illinois and it's about a high school girl named Lisa (Kathryn Newton) who tends to the grave of a young man who is buried in an abandoned cemetery (Cole Sprouse) until his corpse comes back to life to be with her.  The cast includes Liza Soberano, who seems destined to be a mega star, as Lisa's well meaning stepsister Taffy, and Carla Gugino, who I'll probably always know best as the star of Son In Law, as Lisa's far less well meaning stepmother, Janet.

Since it hasn't even officially come out yet, I don't want to say too much more about it, but it's got an incredible soundtrack and it's every bit as campy and fun as I was expecting.  One of my favorite description was tweeted by @crazysexyghoul who said that it's "Encino Man for goth millennials who wish Edward Scissorhands was hornier", but I think that Matt Devine hit the nail on the head when he said that "it's like a mix of Valley Girl and Frankenhooker".

The official poster for Lisa Frankenstein shows that the movie will premier on Valentine's Day, but from everything that I read, it's going to be in theaters nationwide in three days, and I highly recommend it!