Mar 5, 2024

Cinema 2600

Lodef Mode (2024)
Canadian programmer Lodef Mode has come up with a way to use an Atari 2600 to watch an entire feature length film.  

His creation is the MovieCart, which is available on his Tindle shop for $24.99.  You have to provide your own cartridge shell, but the cost includes a front and side label, as well as a fully assembled PCB board with a Micro SD that contains Night Of The Living Dead, which has been encoded and is read to play through your Atari 2600 console.  You can encode any video file in a format that's designed to play through the MovieCart using free software and a plugin created by Lodef Mode.

This video from the creator's YouTube channel shows the MovieCart in action, using the sci-fi classic Westworld.   The color pallet is very limited and the resolution of the picture is just 80×192, but that's a full color film with audio playing through a game console that was released in 1977.