Mar 20, 2024

I Must Go Punch That Baby

Poor Things
Searchlight Pictures (2023)
This movie is a blend of surrealism, science fiction, steampunk, psychology, sociology, and art, spiked with a heavy dose of Cinemax After Dark.  It also could probably serve as a good litmus test for personal compatibility. If you can appreciate this movie for the brilliant work that it is, there's a good chance that we would get along very well.  If you're the type who would after watching it would find an endless list of things to complain about, it's probably best that we don't waste each other's time with too much conversation.

It's a shame that this didn't win Best Picture.  The only thing that I've seen that comes close to it is The Holdovers and Killers Of The Flower Moon.  I'd still have to say that The Holdovers is my favorite film of 2023, but after finally getting to see Poor Things, I think that it's so far ahead of Oppenheimer that it seems almost silly to compare the two.