Apr 12, 2024

Unapologetically Lame

City Connect Jerseys
Philadelphia Phillies (2024)
The Phillies City Connect jerseys were revealed last week.  If their goal was to bring the people of Philadelphia together, mission accomplished.  Fans in Philadelphia, and the rest of the baseball world, seem to be unanimous in their hatred of a uniform that looks like something a well-meaning grandmother might have ordered from a discount website for her grandkids soccer team.

The blue and yellow was chosen based on the colors of the city flag.  Let me ask you a question.  Did you know Philadelphia had its own flag?  Have you ever seen this before?  If someone showed you this, along with four other fake city flags, would you be able to pick out which one is correct?  If you answered "yes" to that last question, you are either an employee of the city, a middle school child who is currently working on a report about the history of Philadelphia, or a liar.

The black pants and the gradient jersey is pretty cool, I'll give them that, but nobody gives a damn about the city flag.  They should have gone with red.  Also, what the hell is going on with that font?  It looks like something out of a bootleg Batman comic.  This whole thing is exercise in trying to be different for the sake of being different.  They could have put in the effort to create something that the fans might actually enjoy, but they chose not to.

The Phillies will be wearing these for every Friday night home game of the 2024 season starting with tonight's game against the Pirates.  I'm interested to see how many fans at the ballpark show up in one of these shirts.  I can't imagine any fan over the age of 12 wearing this instead of traditional Phillies gear unless they lost a bet.  If for some reason you did want a t-shirt or a hat, maybe as a gag gift or something, my advice would be to wait until the end of the season clearance sale.  They're going to have a hell of a lot of these things to unload so the discounts should be pretty steep.