Apr 13, 2024

The Keystone Lamp Factory

The Slatington Marketplace
Route 873 - Slatington, PA
I've posted pictures of the vendors and merchandise at The Slatington Marketplace before, but there wasn't really too much said about the building itself.  We arrived a few minutes before the place opened when we visited last month, so it gave us an opportunity to take a walk around the building and to take a few photos of the parts of the facility that have yet to be converted into retail space.

The Slatington Marketplace was built out of the Keystone Lamp Factory, which opened in 1932 and remained in operation for 57 years until its closure on July 10th, 1989.

Portions of the building were renovated and opened as the Bus Stop Flea Market & Antiques Center in 2008.  The business remained open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday under that name until late 2015 when it was rebranded as The Slatington Marketplace.  They're now open from Wednesday to Sunday every week (except for Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), and it's is the home of over 150 separate vendors, a farmers market, a food court.  I find awesome things at reasonable prices every time we come here, and I always end up taking a bunch of photos, some of which I'll share on here tomorrow.