Who Am I
My name is Will and I'm from Northeast Pennsylvania.  I like baseball, new wave, synthpop, vintage video games, sci-fi and horror movies, and about a thousand other absolutely nerdy things that make me happy.  I'm married, 40 years old, and I have a 9 year old schnoodle named Harvey.  I graduated from Wilkes University with a B.A. in psychology, and I work as a federal adjudicator.

What Is This
I've kept a blog since the year 2000.  It started out as a Geocities page, and it's gone under a few different names and hosts over the years.  Eventually, I settled on Neon Rocketship for no reason in particular.  It just a random collection of thoughts, interests, hobbies, family photos and things that make me happy for one reason or another.  Nothing here was posted with an audience in mind.  Sometimes I wonder if I'll be in a nursing home one day in the distant future and I'll scroll through the archives to remember how life used to be.  Anyway, if somebody happens upon something that they like, great.  If not, that's fine too.

How Do I Get In Touch
That's not really what this place is for.  I'm not a fan of social media, and I've found that keeping a comments section open tends to invite toxic debates and soapboxing.  Take a look at the comments section of any news story, no matter how neutral or non-political the subject matter is, and you'll see what I mean.  It's not worth it.

Thank you for stopping by.  Enjoy your day.