Apr 29, 2018

Picture It - Philadelphia: 2018

Big Gay Ice Cream
Philadelphia, PA
When you walk into the Big Gay Ice Cream shop in Philly, you're immediately struck by the overwhelming presence of three pretty awesome things: ice cream, unicorns and The Golden Girls.  

For example, this giant sassy unicorn is on the front of the building, and there is pop art of Betty White and Estelle Getty on the walls in the seating area.  The place was pretty crowded, so I wasn't able to get photos of everything without creepily including strangers, but I think these images will give you a pretty good idea of the vibe of this place.

Big Gay Ice Cream is known for their line of Gobbler sundaes.  Some of them have pretty crazy ingredients, including balsamic vinaigrette.  As much as I wanted to try one of those, I couldn't pass up the pumpkin.

Just in case someone in the vicinity gobbles their Gobbler with a bit too much gusto, Bea Arthur is ready, willing and able to give the Heimlich maneuver to a unicorn for your life-saving needs.  Sadly, there is no image of her giving CPR to the mythical beast.

If you can't make it to one of their shops, their pre-packaged ice cream is coming to a grocery store near you - at least one that isn't afraid of a little LGBTQ representation in the freezer aisle.  It's not exactly the same product as the soft serve that you'll find in the shops, but the recipes are inspired by shop flavors, and they do a good job of getting as close to the mark as possible with a pre-packaged ice cream.  I worked on this project very recently and had the opportunity to try each of the pre-packaged flavors.  If you enjoy Haagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry ice cream, you'll like this too, but if I may offer a suggestion, pass on the enticingly named Salty Pimp and try Lunchbox instead.  It's made up of strawberry ice cream with a peanut butter swirl with mini peanut butter cups that are filled with strawberry sauce.  It tastes like the best peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich you've ever had!