Apr 8, 2020


This photo was taken last year before a Phillies vs Nationals game that Dad and I went to in mid-July.  We had a very nice day, and we had plans to go to a few games this summer.  That might not happen now, and not just because the 2020 season has been postponed.

Dad had a stroke and he is in the hospital.  This isn't his first.  The last one happened almost ten years ago and he lost one of the lower quadrants of his vision.  This time, it affected his frontal lobe and his speech is slurred.  They're not allowing visitors because of the Coronavirus, but I talked with him on the phone.

I was scared for my dad even before the stroke, but now I'm pretty close to being terrified.  He is diabetic and over 60, and Hazleton has been a hot spot for Coronavirus.  Now he's suffered another stroke and he's in the only hospital in town where everyone who has a severe case of the virus is going.  I'm not sure what else to say.  I just want my Dad to be alright.

(Update: Dad is back home and is doing well.)