May 22, 2020

Mr. Dealer Gets 35 Cents From Adolf

Things To Do Magnetic Board
Pepsi-Cola (1983)
This dry-erase board was purchased for a quarter at a flea market.  At the time, it was in a plastic bag and looked as if it had never been used.  It came with a magic marker on a string that attached to the back of the board, and a tear off pad of shopping lists with a coupon on the bottom of each page.

Over the years, I've gotten so used to seeing this hanging on the refrigerator that having coupons that expired when Billie Jean was still on the charts no longer seems unusual to me.  I'm shocked by how many of these products are still being produced today - even Adolph's Meat Tenderizer, which spells the name of the product differently on the list than the coupon, the latter of which includes fine print addressed to "Mr. Dealer".