Jun 19, 2021

A Bacon Caramel Sundae

King Kone Creamery
Hummelstown, PA
When I diet, I tend to be pretty strict about not eating anything for recreational purposes.  I stick to breakfast, lunch and dinner only, and I limit my beverages to water and coffee, with the occasional exception of a few beers when I'm visiting my dad.  I was pretty good about sticking to the diet last month, but I've been straying a little bit here and there during June.  I'm definitely going to get back on the diet wagon after my birthday, but when we drove past this place on the way to Indian Echo Caverns, I knew that I was going to have to check it out.  How could I possibly pass up a King Kong themed ice cream parlor?

There were quite a few interesting items on the menu, but my eyes went straight for the one that had bacon.  The Gorilla Claw Sundae has a chocolate brownie at the bottom of the cup.  This is topped by salted caramel truffle ice cream with caramel sauce and heated bacon pieces sprinkled throughout.  These weren't bacon bits, by the way.  This was actual cooked bacon chopped up into tiny pieces.  The whole sundae is finished off with a large dollop of whipped cream and two cherries.  The salty and sweet combination, along with the hot/cold contract between the bacon and the rest of the sundae make for an extremely tasty dessert!

This ice cream parlor is technically in Hummelstown, but it's right down the street from Hersheypark, so for all intent and purposes, it's in Hershey.  It may be a little hard to leave Hersheypark and still have enough room for dessert, but if you do, this is a great place to stop.