Jul 4, 2021

Rocket Pop Soda

Red White & Blue Pop
Clear American (2021)
If you like soda and you haven't tried this brand, you really should.  Clear American is one of the brand names that Wal-Mart uses for their "generic" products.  They call it a "flavored sparkling water beverage", but when you strip away the goofy language, it tastes just like soda.  It fizzes just like soda.  It's soda.  It's also sugar free and the best damn tasting diet soda I've ever had.  The Fuji Apple one is especially good.  It really tastes like you're biting into an apple.

The Red White & Blue Pop is a new flavor, and I'll be damned if it doesn't taste exactly like a rocket popsicle in soda form.  It's really very good, and a 33.8 oz. bottle is only ten calories.