Sep 9, 2021

Dungeons & Dragons Is For Nerds

Nerds Gummy Clusters
Ferrara Candy Company (2021)
Now this is a brilliant promotion; a game that has been associated with nerds for over forty years is now associated with Nerds candy.  If you buy a pack of Nerds Gummy Clusters and upload a photo of the product and the store receipt to, you'll receive a downloadable Nerds themed Dungeons & Dragons game module, with seven total modules to collect, as well as a code to unlock the Nerds Champion within the Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms video game.  Additionally, those who participate in this promotion are also entered for a chance to win a prize, including a chance to play a game of D&D with folks from Wizards of the Coast, and Dungeons & Dragons game books and materials.

As for the candy itself, it really is a clever idea and is one of the best new sugar candy products I've tried in a long time.  It's essentially a Nerds Rope that has been chopped up into bite-sized pieces, but the end result comes across sort of like a jellybean with a crunchy candy shell and a chewy interior.  It eliminates the biggest complaints I remember hearing about the Nerds Rope back when I worked for Nestle confections, which were the fact that the Nerds candy came off of the product and spilled when you bit into it, and that the candy itself was too small for the packaging (a side effect of the gummy candy being packaged warm, then cooling and shrinking in shipment).  I'm not sure how we missed out on this when Nerds was a Nestle/Wonka product, especially when you consider how many confections products came out in a bite-sized version over the years.