Oct 29, 2021

Orange You Glad It's Almost Halloween

These vintage Halloween toys were being sold at Weil Antiques Center in Allentown when we visited this past Spring.  I'm not sure who made the witch on the motorcycle, but the noisemakers were made by the US Metal Toy Manufacturing Company.  I couldn't find a definitive year for any of these toys, but I'm pretty sure that the noisemakers are from either the late 50's or early 60's because my grandparents had similar ones that were themed for New Years Eve in their attic when I was a kid.

This was my favorite one of the lot.  I definitely wasn't about to pay $75 for it; especially when you consider the fact that there are six of them on eBay right now for under $30.  However I think it might make a good tattoo.  If I do end up getting it, I'm going to have it done with two open eyes instead of a wink.