Feb 25, 2022

No More Oatmeal Beer Bongs For Davey

Studio 666
Open Road Films (2022)
This Foo Fighters horror flick is what would happen if Evil Dead had a baby with This Is Spinal Tap, and that baby was hosed down in toxic waste by Troma Team.  It would be perfect for an episode of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob and Darcy, and I'm sure it will be lovingly embraced by the MutantFam.

Studio 666 was written by Dave Grohl, who also stars in the film alongside the rest of the bandPat SmearNate MendelTaylor HawkinsChris Shiflett and Rami Jaffee.  It tells the story of the Foo Fighters coming together to record at an old 1940's house in Encino where a murder had taken place in the 90's.  The band really did record their tenth album at the house that was used in this film, but this story has nothing to do with that album.

In the movie, the band are being pressured by their manager to record, but Grohl is out of ideas for new songs and suffering from a case of "musical constipation".  The band soon learns that dark forces are at work at this house which lead to new music in the key of "L Sharp", but at a steep price.

This reminded me a lot of the campy direct-to-video horror flicks that I grew up with in the 80's and 90's.  I don't mean that as a dig on it at all.  This movie is very self-aware of what it is, and it's absolute gold.  The kills and the use of blood is straight out of a Shaw Brothers kung fu film, and will have you wincing and laughing in equal measure.

If you love Foo Fighters music and/or cheesy horror flicks, you're going to have a great time watching Studio 666.  If you love both, as I do, this is a little slice of heaven.