Apr 18, 2022

The Power Of Plural Tacos

Del Tacos
Main Street - Stroudsburg, PA
I've heard of Del Taco before, but there aren't any locations in my neck of the woods and I've never stopped into one in any of my travels.  I thought that this had changed on Friday night when we went to see Fozzy in Stroudsburg, but I just learned as I started writing this that I did not.  The place we had dinner was not Del Taco, but Del Tacos.  I guess that pluralizing "tacos" is just enough to keep the Del Taco lawyers at bay.

I couldn't tell you how this place compares to its similarly-named competitor, but I will say that the food here is absolutely delicious!  I had the Del Tacos Special with steak, and they came loaded with lots of grilled onions, jalapenos and cheese.  I'll definitely be making this place a regular stop when we go to see a show at the Sherman Theater.