Jan 16, 2023

Everything Is Personal If You're A Person

Warner Bros (1998)
One of the best supernatural thrillers that I've ever seen was released in theaters 25 years ago today.  Fallen stars Denzel Washington as a police detective who discovers that a murderer who he captured and witnessed the execution of is more than he appeared to be.  The movie also features John Goodman and James Gandolfini as police detectives.  It premiered just a year before Mr. Gandolfini would take on the defining role of his career on the other side of the law: Tony Soprano.

Even though it's a quarter century old, I'm hesitant to say any more than that at the risk of spoiling the plot for anyone who hasn't seen or heard about this movie before.  If that's you, take my word for it - this movie is worth your time.  It's available to rent on Amazon Prime.