Jan 14, 2023

A Starry Sight

PepsiCo (2023)
The lemon lime soda wars have taken a new turn with the recent PepsiCo decision to discontinue Sierra Mist and replace it with a new brand of citrus soda called Starry.  I tried the Zero Sugar version and it tastes pretty much exactly like I thought it would, which is to say that it tasted exactly the same as Sprite and Sierra Mist.

I doubt that this is going to set the world on fire, but I can see why they made the change.  The can design is pretty cool and the name is definitely an improvement over Sierra Mist.  I always thought the old brand sounded more like a body wash or deodorant scent.  Maybe they'll try to push their new brand with some interesting limited edition or seasonal variations this year.  I'm hoping for a Starry Night version with a Van Gogh can.