Jan 4, 2023

Took The 50's Bus Out Of Downtown Hazleton

TDH-4512 Old Style Transit Bus
General Motors (1950's)
This photo of an old bus was taken in Hazleton back in 1984.  It was used for a postcard sometime in the 2000's, and today it has given me an excuse to butcher some Rancid lyrics and share some random bus facts.  The TDH-4512 model name tells what kind of bus this is: T (transit bus) D (diesel engine) H (hydraulic transmission) 45 (holds 45 passengers) Series 12.  The bus was 35 foot long by 96 inches wide, and there were 3,263 of them manufactured between 1953-1959.

Now if you end up on Jeopardy someday and the category of old 50's busses comes up, you'll have a leg up on the competition.