May 11, 2023

I'm Really Excited About The Ring Dings And The Pepsi

Ring Dings
Drake's (2023)
Seeing this box at the grocery store prompted a few questions.  Is that really an ad for Seinfeld?  Why are they promoting a show from the 90's on a box of snack cakes 25 years after the series finale aired, and why is it only on Ring Dings and not any of the other Drake's products?

Then it hit me...

There's an episode in the fifth season of Seinfeld called The Dinner Party where Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer stop to pick up a bottle of wine and a chocolate babka as gifts for the host of a party that they're attending later that day.  George Costanza, to whom I relate to in too many ways to mention, finds this to be ridiculous.  He suggests that they instead pick up a box of Ring Dings and a bottle of Pepsi.

Grab your crayons, because the back of the box has a coloring book page featuring Jerry's living room.  Click here if you want a better copy to print out for yourself.  For best results, print in black and white with the image set on landscape and "best fit to page".

Seeing this kind of makes me wish that somebody would make a Seinfeld Colorforms set.

When you've finished coloring, you can binge episodes of Seinfeld while snacking on Ring Dings and Pepsi.  Add a few black and white cookies to round out the evening.  Hey, it beats going to a dinner party.