Sep 8, 2023

Live From The Jamboree

The Last Drive-In: Live From The Jamboree
Shudder (September 8, 2023)
Finally... after over two years of waiting, the episode of The Last Drive-In that was filmed at Joe Bob's Drive-In Jamboree at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater is streaming on Shudder!

The Jamboree was not our first time at the Mahoning, but it is the reason that I became aware of its existence, and I will always be grateful to Joe Bob Briggs for introducing my favorite place in the world to me.  Until Joe Bob announced that the 2021 Jamboree was being held at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater, I had no idea that this place even existed.  Our first trip to the Mahoning was a screening of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and our main reason for going that night was to try to get a lay of the land before the Jamboree.  You know... find out where the concession stand is and where the bathrooms are... that sort of thing.  That was 850 days ago today and we've seen close to 300 movies on the lot since that day.

That's a lot of movies, and a lot of fun nights at the drive-in, and I very likely wouldn't have experienced any of them if not for Joe Bob Briggs pointing me in the direction of Lehighton, PA.

So... while I'm sitting here watching Joe Bob and Darcy host a screening of Night Of The Demons from my favorite place on earth, here are some photos from the 2021 Jamboree.